Missing data


I'm currently using your Mbientlab MetamotionR unit and I'm facing one issue regarding the downloading of the files. I would like to record the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data. However, when I download the recorded data on the metabase app (either using my phone with your Metabase App or using my computer, (Windows 10) using your Metabase App) I only get csv for the accelerometer data. I've also tried plugging the metamotionR direclty on my computer as to see if I can get the files this way but there is no directory available.

To summarize, my problem is that I m not able to get the different csv files when I use several sensors simultaneously (if I use accelero and gyroscope, I only get the accelero csv file but if I record gyroscope data only, I am able to get the corresponding csv of gyroscope data).

Could you please instruct me on how to get the missing files? (I have already followed your tutorials online)

Best regards,

Hugues Lamothe


  • Hi Hugues,
    We are no longer going to be supporting Windows.
    Please use our iOS or Android Apps to download the data. Linux works too.

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