Data transmission fail from my MMC to tablet

I have some issue when I used MMC. The issue is after transmit data and type file name, the file name of data show "null" and the data was lost. In Metabase APP and my tablet didn't show any error message or fail message.

My MMC fail to transmit data sometimes, sometimes it will successful, and there is no way to predict success or not, you have to wait for confirmation data to know if it fails. Can you help identify what the problem is? It's the problem from my tablet or sensor.

Board Information
MetaMotion C (Used single sensor each time)

Hardware revision [0.2]
Firmware revision [1.5.0]
Model number [6]
If unsure, use the MetaBase app's board diagnostic screen.

Host Device Information

Device model [Samaung Galaxy Tab A(2016) with Android 8.1]
OS version [Android 8.1 / security patch May 25, 2018]


app version:[3.4.15]

The screen shot when file fail, it won't show any error message but show that screen shot.


  • Most likely the bluetooth was interrupted and the download didn't finish.

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