Android App v2.5.12 Update

An update to the app has been released, fixing a crash caused by trying to log gpio data.  Signed APK is available from the GitHub page ( and the Google Play page will be updated in a few hours.


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    I have upgraded my code from previous AndroidApp to this AndroidApp and the code breaks:

    I was calling: loggingController.readReferenceTick(); But in this version the public void receivedReferenceTick(Logging.ReferenceTick reference) Is not called back

    Am I missing something ?

    EDIT: Error may not comes from Ticks in fact it logs nothing. It only log with switch. Should I update the firmware ?

    I replaced 

    loggingController.addTrigger(new Logging.Trigger() {
    @Override public Register register() { return Accelerometer.Register.FREE_FALL_VALUE; }
    @Override public byte index() { return (byte) 0xff; }
    @Override public byte offset() { return 0; }
    @Override public byte length() { return 1; }

  • I did forget to push the actual commit to the remote repo when I made this thread, I only pushed the tag up and I have no idea what that does to the state of the GitHub code.  You can try pulling the latest version of the code again.  

    The latest app release only changes a few lines in the logging fragment relating to a null pointer exception.

    What firmware version are you using?

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