MetaHub for 2 Metamotion C

first of all merry Christmas and Happy new year :-), hoping will be much better than 2020.

I am working on a nice project where the proof of concept is to have a system like that:

  • 2 MMC that will save some data (accelerometer and gyro at 25Hz and temperature each 5 minutes) on its own memory till the memory is full
  • As soon as the memory is going to be full, the sensors have to send the data to the metahub that has been installed on a wall close to the sensors. Data will be saved on the microSD card inside.

The idea behind this is to increase battery life avoiding to send continuously the data between the sensor and the metahub.

I tried to see any example on the tutorial without any results..and I know that there is a part with a django app could help me, but there is no tutorial about this.

Could you help me understanding if my idea is feasible and, in case, how I can find the info?

Thanks a lot,


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    Hey Mario,
    Remember the sensors are "dumb slaves" and the hub is the "intelligent master".
    The sensors can't really start a connection when the memory is full.
    Instead you must do it from the hub.
    So say I have 2 MMC recording at 10Hz (temp data) and say it will take 24 hours to run out of memory.
    Then my hub should set up the MMC to record/log and 24 hours later it should attempt to connect to those MMC and ask to download the data. Basically, the hub should do all the work.
    With this architecture, what you need to get done can be accomplished.

    Also, you can just have the hub "opportunistically" download data. It doesn't just have to be time based, it can be based on proximity. If the hub "sees" the sensors on the bluetooth radio, it can download (instead of waiting 24 hours).
    That's just an idea.

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