Android API v2.0.0 Beta 03 Release

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Release beta.02 has a bug in the MetaWear service that prevents data routes from being added.  Use release 2.0.0-beta.03 instead for the bug fix.


The second v2.0.0 beta release adds support for the remaining MetaWear modules and enhances the functionality of the data routes. This release also introduces a breaking change to the DataSignal and Accelerometer classes.


  • Added support for the remaining modules: IBeacon, NeoPixel, Haptic, I2C, Maco, and Settings
  • Added new features for data processors
  • Added delta, sample, and threshold data processors

Full release notes and jar version of the library are on the GitHub releases page:


The macro module does not work with the route builder. I will be ironing out the macro implementation to allow you to program a data processing route into the flash memory

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