MMR not connecting to MetaWear App

I have downloaded the new MetaWear App and it does not connect to my MMR. I can still connect and operate my MMR with the MetaBase App. I located my iPad Pro with the App as close as possible to the MMR and also pushed the button on the MMR - still no connect. Is there something else I should be doing?



  • It's probably still connected to the MetaBase so it can't connect to the MetaWear App.

  • Ok, I turned my MMR off in MetaBase (for those who like me who forgot how to do that - swipe left the device you want to disconnect). I started up the MetaWare App, and it says scanning, an orange bar chart symbol appears with numbers in the -50s and -60s, and then changes to a red bar chart symbol with a red X. No connection occurred. Bob

  • You have to select it to connect?

  • It is looking for devices to connect. Never finds any. Do I have to push the button again?

  • Pushing the button does not change anything. not finding any devices to connect

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    Sounds like everything is working but you are not pressing the button to connect to the board. Can you provide some videos or photos?

  • I don’t get the ‘arrow’ on my screen but tapping in that region does connect to my device. Thanks!

    Is there a tutorial on using using the MetaWear interface?


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