Hey guy,

Newbie here again, and Can I ask a question about the timer module of Metawear,
how can I use it to get the accuracy timing between I  startTimer and stopTimer

Thank you so much


  • Just to clarify, you are asking if there is a way to retrieve the time difference between a call to start and stop timer?
  • Yup, for example, when 3:00  startTimer and after 30 seconds I stopTimer, the difference is 30s, and what i want to know is how to get this 30 seconds using metawear board. thanks Eric 
  • We don't have a way to determine the time difference between function calls.  I also think you are confusing what the timers do.  They are used to schedule periodic events, not keep track of elapsed time.
  • oh, never mind Eric, maybe the stopwatch tutorial of android can help me, thanks.
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