MetaHub - MetaBase App (config file)

I have some questions related to the MetaBase app that came with the MetaHub:

Is it possible to set the config json file to log and download? In the tutorials, it says you have to set it to log, then come back later and type in download.

Is it possible to set the logger for 5 hours, download, then repeat the sequence until the program is terminated? And can that be captured in the config file?

I couldn't find where in the command log.js (spelling off) one can set the actual time for logging. Anyone have any insight?

I want to be able to ship this off to a lab with instructions on how to implement it in as few instructions as possible. The more automation I can include the better. Unfortunately I'm not a JavaScript guru so I'm afraid to tinker with the MetaBase app too much. However if there are examples that show how to do the above, I can surely implement them. Thanks!


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