Configure & Program Sensors MMR

I have a MMR 0.3 and I want to configure the acceloremeter at 100Hz so I downloaded MetaBase and MetaWear (iOS).
On MetaWear I succeeded in accessing the configuration of my MMR but my modification aren't been taken into account and I soon as I disconnect and reconnect the configuration resets itself (50Hz for the accelorometer).
On MetaBase I must launch a session to configure the sensors and when I end the session the parameter reset the same way.

How can I configure and program my sensors ? and when I check the configuration and choose, it shows my choices and not the default choices because it reseted.


  • That's odd. Can you provide more information so we can replicate? Can you provide some data?

  • I took some screenshots of MetaWear, I hope it will help you to understand my problem.
    Screenshot of the sensor detected by MetaWear :

    Then configuration of the accelerometer at 100HZ :

    And after quitting the configuration page and entering it again, here is my configuration reseted :

    Here are the specs of my sensor :

  • Oh that is normal. The MetaWear app resets the sensor automatically. It does not keep the settings.
    If you want to keep settings, you need to make your own App using our APIs.

  • ok, that's what I thought, thanks for your quick response, really appriaciable ! ;)

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