Random recorded timestamp with MTR

I have bought a few MTR units. Just realize that there are some random timestamps in a long continuous recording. I have attached a couple of screenshots that are from the same recording. As shown in the image, the hours jumped from 15 h to 17h at one point and the wrong date was recorded later on. Wondering if anyone else had similar issues and any way to avoid this. This renders the data useless.


  • Can you send me replicable steps? I want to try to reproduce this.
    What did you set up, with which app? for how long? as so on? Anything that can help me get the same results.

  • The unit is secured on a pig ear tag and controlled with Metabase App using an iPhone. The recording usually lasted 3-4 hours.

  • What did you record? At what frequency? Can you be more thorough so I can replicate the exact steps that led to the failure?

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