Metamotion C Metaboot mode

I use multiple Metamotion C sensors in my research and have had 2 enter Metaboot mode. I only use the accelerometer functionality and switch between logging and streaming the data. I have tried removing the battery, updating the firmware, along with connecting to a new device the sensor has never been paired with. I still cannot get them out of Metaboot mode. Please let me know how to fix this.


  • I also use an IOS device for streaming/logging the data

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    Can you send some screenshot?
    If you use a new iOS device, this shouldn't happen. Basically your iOS device has cached the metaboot state of your MMC even though it is NOT in metaboot.
    You need to either reset your current iOS device (Google-fu how to reset Bluetooth on iOS devices) or use a brand new iOS device that has never seen your MMC before.

  • I have reset Bluetooth on the device and this is what continues to display. We have tried to connect to 2 different new devices and this is still what shows up.

  • Have you tried updating the firmware or using a new iOS device or Android device?

  • Are you referring to updating the firmware on the iOS or android device? I have tried connecting to a new iOS device of multiple occasions and the same thing shown in the images show up, the device is still in Metaboot mode. I have also tried updating the firmware on the sensors and that also does not work.

  • How about an Android device?

  • Yes I have tried that. And the device in Metaboot mode does not even show to connect.

  • Thanks for the update but I don't have enough information to comment further. Please provide more details including videos/photos.

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