Maximum MMS connections for onboard logging


I have read through many discussions and have read documentation. I understand that there is a maximum number of bluetooth connections depending on the device used (e.g., phone vs MetaHub), however this always seems to be in reference to streaming data to the device. For my needs I do not need to stream data, and would prefer to log data onboard the sensors. Ideally I would be able to connect to ~20 MMS sensors and start logging on all of them at once (for synchronisation), then stop logging all at once. Do the same limitations apply if I only need to connect to multiple sensors to start and stop onboard logging to the sensor?



  • No, those limitations do not apply in the logging case. At least not in the same way. You still have to connect to the metasensors 3 to 4 metasensors at a time until you have told all 20 metasensors to log.

  • Thanks Laura.
    So I understand correctly, I can still only connect to 3-4 sensors at a time, but I can tell them to start logging data, then connect to a different 3-4 sensors and tell them to start logging, all with a single device (e.g., mobile app)? Then complete this process again to tell the sensors to stop logging?
    Assuming the above is possible, am I correct in thinking that the timestamp in the output files from each sensor will enable me to synchronise all the sensors after download?

  • Yes you are 100% correct.
    And yes you can then use the timestamps to synchronize data.

  • Perfect, thanks Laura.

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