Adding buzzer

Hi, I'm wondering if I could an a buzzer to the mmrl+ board?
Activation could be at the same time as the onboard led or coin motor.

Any advice?


  • HI @benodisee, you can do a buzzer OR a coin motor but not both. The buzzer goes in the same place as the coin motor.
    You can activate the led and motor/buzzer at the same time.

  • Hi Laura, thanks for the quick response!
    Is it a superbad idea to connect both to the same pins in parallel? I might have to print my own case or butcher the standard case (I'm sorry), but that's okay for me.

  • I don't think there will be enough current and voltage to drive both items regardless of if they are in series or parallel. You could try but I don't recommend it.

    What you could do is use a FET to drive the buzzer through a regular cpu pin straight from the battery. You wouldn't be able to do the buzzer and motor at the same time though because the battery will not be able to provide enough power for the cpu, motor, and buzzer all at the same time. This is high risk.

    Of course it's a development board so you can do what you want to the board and the case.

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