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I am trying to code an app to read in some data from a sensor connected to the MMC and I just had a few questions about the memory and saving data.

1) How much memory is available on the MMC to store data collected from any sensors connected to the MMC?

2) Is it possible to store the data collected onto the memory on the MMC even when connected to an Android Device? For example if there was data being collected on a participant would it be possible to save data onto the MMC rather than the Android device?

3) Is it possible to attach an SD card to the MMC to be able to store data whilst data collection takes place?

Please could you let me know. Thank you in advance!


  • 1) Please see our tutorials -> calculator section
    2) Yes you can log and stream at the same time
    3) It is not possible, if you need more memory, you should use our MMS sensor instead

  • Thank you for your reply, Laura.

    I also wanted to ask, I've been following the tutorials/documentation and after logging is there a way to download the data as a file (e.g. .csv or .txt) instead of it just being displayed on the logcat? I'm a beginner coding on Android Studio so would appreciate any advice anyone has regarding this.

    Thank you in advance.

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    So unfortunately that's not really a MetaSensor or API questions, that's just a general coding question which would be better suited for Google/Android studio forums.
    You need to read through and understand our code and then modify it to create a txt file. There's probably some great Java tutorials online as well you should go through first to make sure you are comfortable with the language.

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