Using MetamotionR with Raspberry Pi for Machine Learning

Hello! Hope everyone is doing great. I am a final-year undergrad student.
I am working on a Physical Activity recognition project for diabetic patients using MetaMotionR sensors and MachineLearning models. I used two MetaMotionR sensors for data collection. In short, I've trained my model and it is ready to be deployed on Raspberry Pi for real-time activity recognition. But I am really confused about interfacing sensors with Raspberry Pi 4 and using the acquired data in the Machine learning model.

Can any help me with that please?

What I want is that my MetaMotionR sensors connect automatically to my Raspberry Pi, and the acquired data automatically goes to my Machine learning model, and then It makes predictions in real-time. I am really trying for the last 2 months and I think I am stuck at something very basic.

A piece of Python code or theoretical procedure will be really helpful for me. Thanks
Have a great day

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