MMS with MetaHub issues

(I think?) I have downloaded and replaced the newest files for the recent Hub update to support the MMS sensor, but every time I try to configure and stream accelerometer data it seems to connect to the device but does not give me the usual real-time graph. In addition, when I go to open the file in the MetaBase-CSV folder, there is a file there but it is completely empty. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


  • Not enough information.

  • I'm sorry, if there's specific info you need please let me know what that is.
    I downloaded the .zip file from GitHub containing the Hub update for MMS that you linked recently in another discussion. I then replaced the existing files on my Hub with the updated ones (under home/pi/Apps/MetaBase/).I go to configure my sensor using the code below:
    "command" : "stream",
    "devices" : [
    {"mac" : "----------------", "name" : ----}
    "sensors": {
    "Accelerometer": {"odr" : 50.0, "range" : 4.0}

    It seems to configure, giving me the messages:
    Connecting to device mac = -----------------
    Attempting to connect mac = ----------------
    Connected to and setup mac = -------------
    Configuring devices
    Configuring the: Accelerometer
    Press [Enter] to close the terminal

    However, it does not pull up a streaming graph and when I go to open the data file in MetaBase-CSV, the file is entirely blank aside from the title.

    Apologies as I am far from a computer expert, and thanks again.

  • Found a dumb error in the code. Will push update shortly.

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