Simultaneous logging of linear acceleration + gyroscope measurements

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The MetaBase app does not allow for logging of linear acceleration and gyroscope data together.
Is there a reason for this?
I am wondering whether I could customize the app to record all sensor information.

(I need linear acceleration + angular velocity measurements. The MetaBase app allows recording of accelerometer + gyroscope data, or linear acceleration + orientation, but not linear acceleration + gyroscope data.)

Thank you in advance for your help!


  • You should be able to log both if you write your own app (just not with our own app). Everything is open source so just look at the code and customize it yourself.

  • Hi.
    I am running into the same kind of issue.
    Any sensor combination works except when the combination includes a gyroscope sensor (I may not have test all type of config/combination). In the latter case, gyroscope data do not display nor be saved as CSV when using the streaming mode. No "gyroscope_XXX_.CSV files is be created when using the log mode ("log"/"download" commands).
    It is working fine when streaming gyroscope data alone.

    Is it only a matter of single isolated mistake within the code? In this case is it possible to have a fix or some clue about where to look? Or is it a more challenging issue related to sensor specs that can only be solved with smart/customised app design?
    Thanks for the answer. Best.

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    So two things.
    1. We don't official support sensor fusion + raw sensor data so it is normal and acceptable that it does not work.
    2. Sometimes you can get sensor fusion + really low frequency raw sensor data to work but it would have to be something like linear acc at 100Hz + acc at 15Hz.


    • Sensor fusion is already at 100Hz which takes up the entire Bluetooth bandwith so when you add more data to the stream, you can only really get up to 20Hz more. If you push it any higher, you probably won't get any data at all.
    • ALSO when you stream linear acceleration, the gyroscope MAY NOT BE TURNED ON (don't quote me on this) and since the gyroscope is off, there is no gyroscope data to be had.
  • Thank you for your answer Laura.
    Your explanation makes sense. And as you said this is acceptable.

    However, I set "Accelerometer", not "Linear Acceleration" or any other fusion setting.
    Sorry, I just noticed our issue is different from the one in the original post.

    In our case, basically the gyroscope data do not show (in both stream or log/DL mode, depending on the chosen mode), except when we set "Gyroscope" only, without any other sensor. I will make further tests and open a new post if I need to report anything. Thanks.

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