Using an azimuth as yaw to help reduce drift.

Hi there I am currently writing in java and was just wondering if there is a way to get a SensorFusionBosch instance (which is then used for eular angles) to use an azimuth rather than yaw? reason being is that whilst using the yaw angle provided by the sensor I am getting a large amount of drift when just turning the sensor back and forth on a desk.

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  • Unfortunately the BOSCH folks keep all of their algorithms completely closed-source. We don't get access to ANYTHING.
    You can always run your own kalman filter in software.

  • That a shame but thanks for the quick reply!

  • Hi there @Laura sorry to ask again but just want to confirm that there is no way to have the sensorFusion.eulerAngles be calibrated around magnetic north or anything like that to minimise drift?
    As you said earlier BOSCH dosent let you look inside there algorithms but do they them not have a method or something i could use to calibrate to magnetic north seeing as the MMC has a magnetometer?

    Cheers and all the best,

  • As far as I know BOSCH doesn't have magnetic calibration. Supposedly initial calibration is done at the factory and then again based on the sensor fusion mode you are using (but it's just based on whether or not the magnetometer is used or not).
    What we have noticed is the the magnetometer is EXTREMELY sensitive and things like the battery will highly affect it.

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