Retrieving Acceleration Data with the MMRL

Hello ,

I am trying to retrieve data from a MMRL with the SensorFusion module.
I already get Quaternion, Gravity, EulerAngles, CorrectecMAgneticField and CorrectedAngularVelocity.
But CorrectedAcceleration and LinearAccelaration don't return any data with the same method I use for the others.
Do you have any suggestion to solve this issue ?


  • i succeeded to get LinearAcceleration (because you can't Low Pass fused output). But the problem still remains for the CorrectedAcceleration

  • If there are multiple sources enabled for streaming at once, the connection may be saturated and dropping entries.

    I ran a quick unit test and did not have any issue streaming CorrectedAcceleration or LinearAcceleration.

    Note that the low pass would be invalid for all of the sensor fusion outputs. It is expecting fixed point (integer) data sources like raw accelerometer, as opposed to floats from sensor fusion. This may be the issue with the code snippet above.

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