LED flash pattern sync

Using a flash pattern, e.g. led flashLEDColor, I’d like to change the color without interrupting the flash pattern. 

At the moment, triggering the color change in response to events means the pattern is interrupted / restarted. I feel like this is something that should be possible in client-side code, but I can’t figure out how to either a) sync the flashes or b) how to “queue up” color changes so they occur on the next flash in the pattern.

Ideas very much welcomed. Thanks.


  • We currently don't have a simple way to do this.  There is an "advanced mode" LED method called setLEDModeWithColorChannel: that you could play with.

    We have been thinking about ways to optimize the LED interface, but haven't gotten around to implementation yet.  Please provide any feedback you have and we will take it into consideration when designing an updated interface.  Thanks!
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