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What is the maximum value of the set_tx_power setting of MMS?

And I want to know all the settings of tx_power (MMS)


  • @hjpark The API allows TX power settings for any value supported by the chipset. For the MMS that is 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 0, -4, -8, -12, -16, -20 and -40 dBm. Setting -40 dBm is not advisable as it may make the device unconnectable.

  • @Matt are you sure TX power 8 dBm is allowed. The docs say max is 4 dBm: https://mbientlab.com/documents/metawear/cpp/latest/settings_8h.html#a335f712d5fc0587eff9671b8b105d3ed
    So 8 or 4 dBm provides the strongest signal? -20dBm will have a very weak signal?

  • @Nbooth The limits in the docs are supported by all devices, the MMS chipset specifically supports the extended range of configurations mentioned above.

    Higher numbers increase the transmit power, which can help with communications in some cases. It does not affect the receiver sensitivity or the transmit power of the connecting device, so it only improves the device->client direction.

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