MbientLab MetamotionRL not connecting to MetaWear App on Lenovo P11 Tablet

The MetaWear application downloaded to our Lenovo P11 Tablet does not detect any nearby devices, even though the sensor is connected directly to the tablet. The sensors are detected on the mobile version, but for some reason the application does not detect the same sensor when running on our tablet. We have purchased 5 sensors, all of which are detected by the tablet and the mobile application, but none have been detected by the MetaWear tablet application. Any help would be appreciated!


  • We don't support Windows, how are you trying to use the Lenovo?

  • We are running the MetaWear application on our Lenovo P11 tablet, which has an Android (11) OS. The sensor is detected through the mobile MetaWear app on both android and IOS phones, but is not detected by the app running on the tablet.

  • You can try to run the source code of the app which is on Github if you would like. Otherwise I do not have sufficient information to comment.

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