MetaROM app has multiple

I've downloaded the MetaROM source code since it is no longer available, but there are multiple build time errors that I'm not able to resolve preventing me from using the app. I have already installed and updated the pods as resolved as many of the 50+ issues as I could, but there are still many well outside my understanding such as:

  • Initialization of 'UnsafeBufferPointer' results in a dangling buffer pointer
  • Build input file cannot be found: '/Users/haydencurnyn/Documents/GitHub/MetaWear-iOS-MetaROM-App copy/MetaRom/QuaternionStream.swift'

I've attempted to goole and resolve as many of these issues as I can but I was expecting the Github file to be functional


  • @Laura I would appreciate your assistance when you have time, thank you in advance

  • For the time being we are not supporting the MetaRom, you will have to update the code yourself.

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