MMRL, how to switch into LOGGING mode after UNEXPECTED DISCONNECT

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Hi mbientlab-team,

I use the MMRL sensor for my App.
in the data i see that there are quite many unexpected disconnects from sensor to mobile while being in streaming mode.
also, the BLE range for disconnect seems to be inconsistent. sometimes it disconnects, even though its very close to the mobile.

is it possible to switch into logging mode after an unexpected disconnect and switch back to streaming mode after reconnect?

  • how can l tell the sensor to go into logging mode even though its already unexpectedly disconnected?
  • how can i write a macro for that?

my solution is already being used by people and only now i noticed those disconnection problems. :#

Your reply would really help me out! :)
Thanks a lot in advance!


  • HI @toffy_dee,
    There should only be disconnects if you:
    1. Go too far away from the app
    2. Stream beyond the capabilities of Bluetooth (100Hz)

    It is possible to go into logging mode after a disconnect. I will see if I have time to write an example script for this (see our event handler).
    You can also increase the antenna strength of the sensor to help with the connection (see tx power).

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