error 1655462769.153290: Error on line: 296 (src/ using

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Hi there.

I am using the example and I am getting the following error
error 1655462765.940503: Error on line: 296 (src/ Operation now in progress
The example appears to run after this with mixed results..

Often the session following a successful session will cause the following error
*** buffer overflow detected ***: terminated

Not sure if these are related.

I have run this on my Linux Mint machine and a Raspberry Pi 3B and get the same results

Sensor: MetamotionRL
API: 1.0.2

Best regards


  • @jec The error is thrown in upstream code, but has no effect in our testing.

    Are you having issues in your scripts?

  • Hi Matt

    Are you having issues in your scripts?

    No everything appears to work correctly aside from the error.
    I was concerned that there was some issue that I was not catering for.

    best regards

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