Issues configuring multiple MetamotionRL sensors

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Hi there

An issue I am experiencing when working with multiple sensors (2 or 3) using the Metabase app on Android is that very often one of the sensors will fail to be configured.

Any ideas as to the likely cause and possible remedy

I am seeing similar behaviour using the example on Raspberry Pi 3B and a Mint Linux machine.

Sensor: MetamotionRL
API Version: 1.0.2

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  • @jec I would suggest trying a soft reset of all devices using the diagnostic page (or reset command in python) and then running your MetaBase configuration. The dev tools may be leaving subsystems in an unexpected state by consuming resources, especially if scripts are stopped before cleanup is run.

  • Hi Matt

    Thank you for the reply.
    I have been researching using Python and am now designing a connection sequence for our IOS / Android guys.
    Should the soft-reset be conducted as a matter of course if a configuration fails?
    In my own findings, reconnecting normally proves sufficient.

    Best regards

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