Good afternoon,

I am currently working with two of your devices MetaWearR and MetaWearRL, I integrate them in an application that I made with Android Studio. I would like to be able to connect the two devices and I would like the app to be able to differentiate if it is R or RL to show some values or others. But in the list of models that you have created in the 'metawear' package you don't include the 'METAMOTION_RL' model. So I cannot differenciate them.

I have also seen that the hardware of MetaWear_R is 0.3 and that of MetaWear_RL is 0.5 but in the interface there is no method that returns the hardware. And ‘hardwareRevision’ gives me an error.

What do you recommend me to be able to differentiate them? Could you include the MetaWear_RL model in 'public enum Model' to be able to include conditions in my app?

Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you soon.


  • @RaquelProus Hi, I believe this was a duplicate question to one directed by one of your colleagues, here is what the response was.

    In the hardware/firmware design MMR and MMRL are the same.

    There are two basic ways to go about distinguishing MMR from MMRL -- All hardware revision 0.5 MMR devices are MMRL, or via the presence of the barometric sensor.

    As stated, if the board is model 5 (MMR) revision 0.5 it is an MMRL. Here is how the MetaBase app is reading that information from the bluetooth device information service:

    The second option, target sensor support is enumerated when a device is connected, so if a device is reporting barometer support and is model MMR, then it is not an MMRL device. I would need to dig for an example if you choose to follow this method

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