Reducing the stream bandwidth / read frequency

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I am using 3 MMRL sensors and experiencing relatively large discrepancies between the sensors in the number of samples received as well as the inter-sample period even allowing for the differences in configuration times.
I was wondering if reducing the sample rate would improve the overall performance of the 3 sensors?
What would be the best way of achieving this?

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  • @jec Based on the python tag I will assume you are working with custom scripts?

    In that case, for raw accel/gyro/mag there is the option of using packed mode, which puts multiple samples in a ble packet, and reduced data packets by 1/3.

    Other options are to configure the sensors you are using to sample at lower data rates. You will need to use the api calls for the particular sensors you are streaming to adjust data rates.

  • Hi Matt

    Thanks for the reply.

    I neglected to indicate that I am using SensorFusion NDOF mode.
    Would the rate at which the quaternions are streamed be affected by adjusting the sample rates of the sensors used?
    I am wary of doing this as I don't know how this will affect the algorithm that the senor fusion uses.

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