Sleep Mode / Wake Up

Hi Everyone,

İ have 4 METAMOTIONRL sensor.

Initially I connect 4 sensors to my computer for gyroscope and accelerometer data. Naturally, some sensors may break after a while after data is received. After disconnection, the sensor puts itself into sleep mode.

There are 2 questions I want to ask.

1) Is there any way to prevent the sensor from going into sleep mode after disconnection?

2) I'm trying to get it reconnected when the sensor disconnects. Right now I'm manually waking the sensor by inserting the charger or pressing the button after the sensor is disconnected. Is there a way to wake the sensor with the help of code using python api? I looked in the documentation but couldn't find it.

I am using the following code from github:

I'm waiting for your help.

Best Regards,
Ali Çoban

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