Issues with sampling MetaMotionC

Hi! I am a masters student at Imperial College London currently using MetaMotionC's for my project, where I am analysing running kinematics by sampling quaternion data and accelerometer data, in which I am using 7 sensors (3 on each lower limb and 1 on the person's trunk). I have some queries as there seems to be multiple issues (which I hope are with the API/MetaBase app):

  1. How do the sensors log data? As I am not looking at live streaming of the data, should they be connected to the iOS device at all times or just initially and at the end to export it?
  2. I realised that if I want to export the data from the sensors after logging, ALL sensors must load in the group, as in, I am unable to export data from a few of the sensors if one of them fails. This poses a huge risk, so is there a way to export data out of individual sensors?
  3. There are many issues when I try and log quaternions and linear acceleration data together. I want to know the maximum capacity I can log data as even with some individual sensors, I never get the "success" message, rather just "programming", and when I restart the app, some data has been collected. Is this a bug?

Many thanks!

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