2nd connected MMRL+ becomes unresposive

Purchased 2 MMRL+ devices to develop a system to provide real-time feedback on (ideally a series of) gait parameters.

Since I'm new to Android app & Java development, I opted to start from the "Multimw" app example and implement on top of that.
Currently aiming to implement a maximum acceleration register per step taken, and ideally figure out a way to compare the values from both devices and vibrate the device with the highest one.

At first, when streaming raw packed accelerometer data and updating a Textbox similar to the orientation view in the example, as soon as a 2nd device was added and started streaming data, the 1st device would become unresposive (I used the built-in button to check resposiveness). I attempted the following to lighten the computational load - to no avail:

  • use packed acceleration instead of normal acceleration
  • narrowing down the stream to one axis (eg, the X axis)
  • low-pass filter the streamed data
  • remove unnecessary data captures (orientation, packedAcc when using normal and viceversa)

I'm using a Huawei Mate 20 Lite for development testing.
Could anyone spot a mistake in my understanding of how the MMRL+ work? Or is this an issue of my mobile device?
Because I had been led to believe that the MMRL+ would be able to stream data simulaneously to a mobile application without delays or lags... Quite displeased at the moment.

Repo: https://github.com/danekwo/y4mt

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