App Stopped Working

I've created a simple app that connects to the device, reads the battery, and reads the accelerometer data. I have about 10 boards to test. It works fine for some. However, I've noticed that my app no longer is able to see the accelerometer data on just a few boards. I can connect to the device, read the battery level, but the accelerometer data is not coming in. 

When I open the Metawear app, I can see that the accelerometer data is still working when I streaming. Do you have any idea why my app can't see the accelerometer data from a handful of boads? 


  • Hi calebwong,

    Could you try to reset the boards and try again?

  • Thanks for your reply. I tried "Update Firmware, Soft Reset and Reset to FactoryDefaults" from the Metawear App but am seeing the same problem. Is there another way that I should be Resetting the device?
  • What version of the iOS API are you using and what type of MetaWear boards are you using (R, RG, or RPRO)?
  • I'm running Version 2.0. I'm testing out both the R and RG sensors. I've seen the same issue with both types of boards. 
  • I just deleted my app and reinstalled it again which seemed to fix the problem. Could it be that I'm somehow not clearing something that's being cached?
  • The api does cache information about the boards it had seen, such as what type of metawear it is. But, not sampling acceleration data is strange as it does know how to communicate with all metawear boards.

    Good to hear that a reinstall fixed the problem but I'll let our ios dev know.
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