Metawear-iOSAPI for Xamarin.iOS

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Hi guys,

I'm busy looking at creating Xamarin.iOS binds for the published iOSAPI. I have a request in terms of the API design, the temperature object has a property defined @property (nonatomic) float temperature; could this be defined as temperatureValue; or something similar instead? 

Thanks for the consideration.



  • Thanks Chris. Do you just want us to rename the variable?
  • Hi Laura,

    Apologies for the later reply. If possible yes, only the variable name. When translated the class with the same property name causes problems in C#.

  • I will update this in the next release. Thanks Chris!
  • On a similar note, I notice there's no support for Windows or MacOS X. I'd be interested in doing a .Net library for Windows to support this devices (I'd want to do that just for my own use of it anyway).

    Is there enough information provided in the spec to determine the BTLE profile and messages for the device?
  • Hey Jeff, there is but we would rather send you this info privately. Can you email us at
  • Please see the updated release on Github with all the changes made as requested above.
  • Jeff,

    I see you have not been around in a while.

    I was telling Laura in another thread that I'd be interested in starting a Windows / Windows Phone API for the device.  Are you making progress on this yourself?

    If so, perhaps we should touch base and avoid duplicating work.

    Are you doing an API for Windows Desktop, .net, or what?  Is your stuff going to be a WinRT shareable library such that it could be used from tablets and phones, both x86 and ARM?

    One way or the other, we should definitely move any discussion to a new Windows category here.


  • I folks,

    I'am hankering a Xamarin version too. Please let me know if I can help.

  • Did anybody get anywhere with Xamarin bindings? I'm about to make a start on both iOS and Droid if not...

  • I am not aware of any further xamarin development for metawear. You might as well start it.
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