Android API Release 0.1.0 is Live

Version 0.1.0 of the MetaWear Android API is now live.  Specifications on the Android API can be found on the Development Center page, under "MetaWear API and Sample Apps".  The Android "Getting Started" guide also contains code snippets to illustrate how the API would be used in an app.


  • Service class that facilitates communication between the MetaWear GATT server and an Android App
  • Callback system to allow users to handle MetaWear and general Bluetooth LE notifications
  • Controller class to interact with the MetaWear board

As this is an alpha release, the API will undergo several revisions
before the first stable release.  Please leave comments and suggests as
they are very importrant in helping us improve the API.


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    I read all the documentation and have a few suggestions that I personally would love to see in a future revision (not sure if this goes in the firmware section):

    1) Add support for both reading and writing some kind of streaming data, like SPI or serial data. Keeping with your style, registering for incoming messages with some sort of command like:
    • mwController.enableNotification(MetaWearController.NotificationRegister.SPI_DATA, SPI_MASTER );
    • mwController.enableNotification(MetaWearController.NotificationRegister.SERIAL_DATA, 57600_BAUD);
    • SPI working initially only as master, which would mean that the user issues a dummy write in order to receive a notification for an input message as soon as the write completes. Serial would work as normally expected.
    2) Writing to the ports with some form of string, or array (of course limiting the max size to fit in the GATT profile without too much trouble):
    • mwController.writeSerial( "TEST_MBIENT" );
    3) Adding PWM output to GPIO pins for simple analogue output (of course it would require the user to add low pass filters, but very usefull nonetheless).

    I love the way you have built the core so far, and can't wait for my metawear boards to arrive!


  • Thanks Alfredo! We will look into it!
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