IPS indoor position system

Can I use metawear board for Indoor position system, if yes, how to do that?


  • You can turn the MetaWear board into an iBeacon and/or use RSSI for development of an indoor positioning system. You should get started by reading a few white papers:
  • If you're looking for any kind of accuracy, the MetaWear won't do it for you if there are people or metal objects in the room.  This is because RSSI is a signal-strength-based technology.

    Certainly, you can make some sense of your position using RSSI, but any clutter will completely ruin the readings.

    If you're looking for accurate indoor positioning you need to use a time of flight system or time difference of arrival system, depending on how you want to set things up and what hardware you have.  The Ultra Wide Band technology is part of IEEE 802.15.4.  Do a web search for "DecaWave" and/or "BeSpoon" to find modules to do this with.  TOF and TdOA will get you close, but you'll still have to deal with limitations and range and complexities of multipath interference.


  • Apple is continually improving indoor positioning while reducing power for location [i.e. wifi, accellorometer, gryo etc.].  iOS can be leveraged as a reference location and then RSSI and/or time of flight can be used to get a distance from an iPhone.  Requires a connection to an iPhone though.
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