What did I actually get?

I received my "Metawear Kit"  today and I'm having a hard time figuring out what I actually received.

I received the buzzer, coin vibrator, battery, and board but I can't tell what the rest of the pieces are and there doesn't seem to be any documentation what is what.  Even the original Kickstarter page just says:  "extra goodies, and a surprise bonus accessory you will get when we ship" so I had assumed at the time there would be some manifest once I received the item but alas there is none.  I know this might be a boneheaded question to some, but I'm new to do anything with hardware so a few pointers on the parts would be greatly appreciated.


  • Check out the Getting Started Guide at:

    Plenty of other useful docs there as well.

    I am not sure what the surprise bonus is, unless its a photoresistor, resistor, capacitor, or a sticker.

  • @h6y3 ; I'm with you. I received my kit today and there is a photoresistor, But, I'm not sure what they intended for the other two resistors and one capacitor. It would help if they have schematics somewhere.

  • I've combed through everything and I really can't tell what was in the package.  Isn't there anyone from mbientlab watching this forum?  Just tell us.  :)
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    @hy6y3 I;m in the same boat. I'm just getting into hardware and I'd love to know what all I received. I know there's a coin vibrator, battery, buzzer and a photoresistor but I'm with @JeffRand I'm not sure what the two resistors and capacitor are for. 
  • There are 2 resistors, 1 thermistor (the blue one), and 1 photocell.  The resisters are used to bias the thermistor and photocell.  We are working on some hacks for the MetaWear board which will provide better examples of how to use the components on the board.
  • Hey guys,

    The bonus accessories were a thermistor (blue component/490-7167-ND) and a photocell (PDV-P8103-ND). These came with two bias resistors (S10KCACT-ND and 49.9KXBK-ND) so that you can hook them up to the MetaWear board. 
    You can Google these part numbers to link directly to a data sheet on the web if needed.
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