Limit and Account Bug

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I found a bug when you use limit and account methods on a route component. More precisely if you do something like this


will not raise an exception and you can get the correct count number with data.extra(Long::class.javaObjectType). On the other hand, if you call account before limit you will get ClassCastException: Invalid input class: 'class java.lang.Long'


Both methods return RouteComponent so I don't see why I 'm getting this error.

Edit: Also is it possible to reset account at some point while the sensor is on standby?


  • Can you be more specific?

  • it.quaternion().addRouteAsync { source ->
                    source.account(AccountType.COUNT).limit(10).stream { data, _ ->

    Calling account() and then limit() raise an exception (ClassCastException). Why?

    My second question is: Can I reset the sample packet on account method to zero?

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