MMC for body movement usage.

  1. In order to measure accurately the range of motion, power, speed and the position of a person’s body movement (e.g. a knee performing a squat), does a single MMC per moving joint (ankle, knee, heap, etc) suffice or can the use of two on each side of the knee can work?
  2. If multiple MMCs are interconnected for a single session, is there a way they can all be started in one touch without having to activate button on every single MMC sensor?
  3. The MMC would be embedded in fit goods and in contact with sweat, are those water resistant without their case?


    1. Two per joint is recommended.
    2. Activate them via Bluetooth.
    3. No, you need to coat them in epoxy to be waterproof (this is standard, you can google-fu this for more info).
  • Thank you Laura for your quick response.

  • Hi there,
    Any chance the MMRs can all be charged together at once via those type of mobile phone USB connected charging station?

  • Yes you can do that (just make sure the charger is kosher).

  • Thank you. More specifically, would it work on a connection free charging pad (e.g. iPhone charging pads without having to plug in the MMRs via USB)?

  • No it cannot wirelessly recharge.

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