Euler Angles (Error trying to issue command mid state)

Good Day

I've got a few issues with the connectivity of MetaMotionC Sensors Logging Euler Angles.

  • Data logging and streaming is working fine but only when the sensors are stationary and not major movements are done.
  • When i clip the sensor on my leg and i start logging steps ( walking back and forth), the modules Log for a limited time and an

Error: Failed to write value to characteristic(Error trying to issue command mid state) occurs.

I've encountered the same issue running on Ubuntu, Rasbian and the Metahub OS.

Can you kindly assist on a possible solution to this.

  • I've tested using different dongles, getting the same results.
  • Ran a different script for each sensors using multiprocessing got the same results.
  • Initiating a re-connection after the sensor throws the error ends up with the sensor reconnecting but this throwing the error repeatedly instead of stream the data as before.
  • Only only when i disconnect by exiting the terminal and reconnecting does it stream properly again (until i start making movemnts again) then it throws the error and so forth....



  • Are you losing the connection? Check the Bluetooth logs to see what happened.
    Also just add some auto reconnect code to your App in case this happens.

  • Hi @Laura, from my assumption i would say that I'm loosing connection to the Bluetooth module. based on my findings related to the specific error. I will log the Bluetooth activity and check whats happening and look for a better reconnecting solution.


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