Analyzing Sensor Data with AI/ML

I am curious if anyone in the community has been working with Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning for sensor analysis.

I am contemplating the best way to capture, label and process sensor data to identify certain types of movements.

In my case, my sensor is mounted on a remote control car and I would like to synchronize the data stream with GoPro footage so I have a visual reference for data labeling.

(I noticed that mbientlab received a research grant to make AI/ML analysis for wearables more accessible to non-technical folks but I haven't seen any mention of that here).



  • Hey Pete,
    When we did our ML/AI worked we use a lot of Javascript and Python AI/ML libraries and everything we did was on an Intel Nuc running Linux (Ubuntu 16/18 is nice). We also used expensive BLE dongles.

  • Thanks Laura. I am going to assign a new ML Intern to this project and we will likely start with pre-recorded video and sensor data to develop develop and train models. I am curious to see how well we will be able to detect events at high rates of speed (20 - 80 mph).


  • Keep us updated!

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