Datasheet MetaMotionR 0.2

Hi there,

we were wondering whether you could provide us with the datasheet and schematics for HW r0.2 of MetaMotionR.

We were only able to find these for r0.1 and r0.3 on your documentation page, but not for r0.2.

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  • @mgeorgi we are posting the revision 2 schematic on the documentation page. The datasheet specs did not change from revision 1. The only change was replacing a battery charge management IC that went EOL. It has the same pin map and behavior as revision 1.

  • Did you already upload the r0.2 schematics? We could only find the r0.2 for MetaMotionC so far, but not for MetaMotionR.

    If the datasheet specs did not change between MetaMotionR r0.2 and r0.1, does that include the "Module to SoC Pin Mappings"? We are having problems enabling the vibration motor in our firmware and our first guess would be that we are using the wrong pin.

    In the following minimal example the red LED and the haptic driver is toggled every second. The led is flashing but the vibration motor is not moving. The motor itself is fine and measuring the voltage between GND and the mosfet gate with a multimeter shows 0V.

    #include <stdbool.h>
    #include <stdint.h>
    #include "nrf_delay.h"
    #include "nrf_gpio.h"
    int main(void) {
        nrf_gpio_cfg_output(14); // red led
        nrf_gpio_cfg_output(10); // haptic driver
        while (true) {
  • Hey @mgeorgi,

    I'll upload it here for now.

    I don't believe the pins changed.

  • @mgeorgi have you had any luck solving this issue?
    I seem to be experiencing the same thing. I am unable to turn the motor ON via set/clear commands to the pin, even with high drive strength. The motor will turn ON if I set the pin to be pulled up, but then I cannot turn it off.
    were you able to get to the bottom of this?

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