Sample Rate not constant

Hello Team, I am trying to stream accelerometer, Gyroscope and RYP values from MMR+ sensor by using your Python API. But, the number of sample received per second is fluctuating each time I initiated the streaming. May I know why?
PS: I am streaming values in NDOF mode. So, I should receive 100 samples per second. Am I right?


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    For accelerometer, it is 100 HZ always. But the sample rate of accelerometer and gyroscope values are dropping a lot.
    Total Samples Received from accelerometer:
    F2:E0:DB:F5:68:36 -> 10699
    Total Samples Received from gyroscope:
    F2:E0:DB:F5:68:36 -> 3070
    Total RYP Samples Received:
    F2:E0:DB:F5:68:36 -> 802

    This is happening when I am streming values from two sensors at the same time. For one sensor, the sample rate is 100 Hz and for the other sensor the sample rate is getting dropped for RYP and Gyro values

  • Is it because I am using one bluetooth adapter f my laptop to connect to two MMR sensors? If yes, Shall I use a BLE Dongle to connect to the second sensor and the laptop's bluetooth to connect to the first sensor?

  • Do we need to use one BLE Dongle per sensor?

  • @Laura Could you please look into it? Or, May I know any ETA by which I can expect a reply?

  • @gudavalli,
    You are most likely correct, you have too many sensors on one dongles so not all the data is coming through. You could also be exceeding the BLE spec (data rate is too high).

  • Thanks.. I tried using one BLE Dongle per sensor and it has fixed the issue. Thanks

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