MMC and MMR+

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Is it possible to use one MMR+ and 2 MMC’s in a C sharp application simultaneously.
I developed a C sharp application that communicates with 3 MMC’s. I would like my application to have the vibrational feedback so is it possible to swap one of the MMC with an MMR+ ? Would that work? Kindly let me know so I can purchase an MMR +.

Thank you


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    Yes it is possible to use them simultaneously. Yes your idea is possible.

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    Thank you Laura. I have another question regarding changing the devices names. Currently the MMR+ and the 2 MMC’s in the application have the same device name “Metawear”. Is it possible to rename the devices as metawear 1, metawear 2 and metawear 3. If so, can you point me in the right direction.

    Thank you

  • Yes it is.
    It will reset on a power cycle unless you use macros.

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