Problem in timestamps in collected data by MTR

I have some issues with the times that MTR is reporting in the exported file. There are some jumps in the time column of the reported data. For example it shows the data from 13 pm to 14 pm then jumps to 16 pm and then jumps to 23 pm and then comes back to 14 pm. The reported values for similar times are different though. You can find attached the collected data. May you please advise?


  • Your data looks amazing, I don't know what you are referring to.

  • Thank you for the response. The highlighted sections in the attached pictures shows the time jumps. For example in picture 1, time is jumping from 14.04 to 13.34 then 16.22 then 23.27.

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    How fast are you streaming or logging?

  • @Laura said:
    How fast are you streaming or logging?

    I've adjusted that to report the data every one minute.

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