MetaMotionR will not connect

MetaMotionR does not connect to MetaBase app (Android).
Hower , it is broadcasting:
2021.03.12 16:11:04.182 ble_evt_gap_scan_response rssi: -62 (0xffffffc2) packet_type: 0 (0x00) sender:d1:ab:d5:b2:91:c4 address_type: 1 (0x01) bond: 255 (0xff) data:02010611065ae7bafb4c46ddd99591cb8500906a3209094d65746157656172

Firmware version is 1..5.1.
MetaBase app will not connect to it. How to recover the MetaMotionR sensor ? I opened the case, and did not try to desolder the battery connection just yet, in case there is a way to connect it to MetaBase.


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