Tips and Tricks to debug your MetaSensor Device:

General Items:

  • The LEDs on the board DO NOT automatically turn on. LEDs are NOT an indicator of your MetaSensor status.

  • Your Smartphone must be Bluetooth 4.0 compliant (or newer).

  • Make sure Bluetooth is ON. Check your phone settings.

  • Debug with the latest iOS phone or Android device (iPhone 7 or later). If one device doesn’t work, try another!

  • Delete the MetaBase App and download the latest version.

  • Debug one MetaSensor at a time (put all other Bluetooth devices out of reach).

  • Check to see if the battery is puffy (if it is, file a ticket).

  • Do not open the case as this may damage your board!

Sleep Mode:

  • All MetaSensors are shipped in sleep mode to conserve battery.

  • Did you press the button to wake it up? Did you plug it in or insert the battery to wake it up?

  • Pressing the button too long can cause the board to reset so please wait 30 seconds and your device will be visible by your Smartphone.

  • Try to attempt a connection with a device for at least 50 seconds.

  • Do not use your phone menu to connect to the sensor, use the MetaBase App ONLY.

Charge It:

  • Charge compatible devices using a micro-USB cable and AC adapter.

  • Charge your device for a MINIMUM of 40 minutes.

  • The USB port is for power only, it does not transfer data!

  • Leave it plugged in as you debug.

  • Make sure your charging cable and AC adapter are working by first testing it on another device. Please use UL certified devices.

Replace It:

  • Use a fresh new battery! You can buy additional coin cell batteries on Amazon or on our store.

  • Insert the CR2032 or CR2450 battery (+) side up.

Reset and Update:

  • Connect to your device using the MetaBase App and update the firmware.

  • Run a diagnostic scan and email us the results.

  • If your device is in MetaBoot mode, it may automatically update (let it finish).

Soft Reset:

  • If you cannot connect via the MetaBase App:

  • Plug in the micro-USB cable or insert in a new Coin-cell battery at the same time that you press down the button on the device.

  • Release the button only once the USB cable or battery has been fully inserted (device should be charging/powered).

  • This will cause the device to reset for 60 seconds.

  • After waiting, connect to your device using the MetaBase App.

Hard Reset (PROs ONLY):

  • If your device is completely unresponsive after following all the previous steps, you can perform a hard reset:

  • Use conductive material such as a wire or tweezers and short any PWR and GND pins on the board while the device is powered.

  • Please refer to the datasheet to find the best PWR and GRD pins on the device to short.

  • Success will be indicated by a dimly flashing LED during the shorting process.

  • Please note this process may void the warranty. This step is for professionals ONLY!

Other Checks:

  • Try to see if you can detect the MetaSensor using a Bluetooth scanner App or the Nordic App (iOS or Android).

  • Try to use a different device. If your iPhone is not working, try an iPad or Android phone instead.

  • Inspect the unit for physical damage. Look for physical defects or abuse. Do not open the case unless our team has asked you to do so.

  • Check the forum to see if your issues have already been resolved by our users:

Returns, Exchanges and Bugs:

  • MetaSensors have a 30 day limited warranty (free DOA replacement or repair).

  • If you want to submit an RMA request or report an issue, please email us.
  • We may require you to submit a Diagnostic report, Photos, and Videos. Have this information ready.


  • For devices out of warranty, we provide a flat fee repair option on our store.