MMS USB download


I have recently received 15 MMS sensors, which I plan to log data at 100Hz for ~1 hour at a time on each sensor. Of course, with this amount of data, the Bluetooth download is fairly impractical, so USB download will be very handy. I have seen in a couple of threads that this is coming soon, is there an indication of when it will be available?

Can some insight into how this will work also be given please? Will it be possible to start/stop logging via the mobile apps, then download to computer via USB?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi @ThomasMcGuckian
    We are currently working on it but that is exactly how it will work.
    We are hoping to release in the next few weeks. When do you need it by?

  • Thanks @Laura, that’s great news. The sooner the better, but the next couple of weeks should be fine.
    Will the computer software run on MacOS, Windows and Linux?

  • Are there any examples of how to stream any orientation or data via USB from MMS or is that also still in progress?

  • USB download via MMS will be available in about 1 month.

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