LED RGB Color Picker

edited August 2014 in iOS
I created a simple iOS app that lets you set the color of the LED using sliders.

At the moment it uses RGB, but a more realistic color system would be HSB, where you ignore the saturation value (I'm thinking of updating the app to use this).

(The [[MBLMetaWearManager sharedManager] stopScanForMetaWears] function behaves strangely, but that's another issue!)

I would be very happy to put together some more 'sample' apps, and if anyone has feedback on my code/ suggestions I would love to hear!



  • Hi, 

    are you able to make a color picker apk that works for an android phone? Im having the darndest time trying to get an apk to work and would be very thankful for any assistance with an apk.

  • jonathanlking,
    That's really awesome! I will publicize it!!!!!
    Someone was able to do this in Android already, you might find them on the forum somewhere. 
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