Can't get tutorial to work


I'm very new to Android Studio where I'm doing my programming in Java.
I followed the tutorial for the freefall app, and it keeps telling me, "can't resolve the symbol 'mbientlab'" and it does this for 'btleservice' too.

I followed the videos step by step, I triple checked for any errors but I have no idea what I am missing. My guess would be some sort of library that it isn't able to pick up? If so how do I add said library?

Thank you


  • This is what it also keeps saying.
    Class referenced in the manifest,, was not found in the project or the libraries.

    If I am missing a library:
    a) where do I get said library
    Would this be a gradle file from github?
    b) where/how do I add this
    Would this be where I would paste this in the lib folder as a library?

  • edited November 2021

    You need to make sure your gradle file is correct. Are you starting from our known working projects in github?

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