Can you load an application with persistent storage onto a MetaWear R?

I would like to use a MetaWear board as a smart BLE device that would calculate a code on command.  For example:

// in the MetaWear

static int seed = 0;
int myCommand ( int myValue) {
  return (seed * myValue);

Now, whenever I send a command to the MetaWare:  "myCommand(20)"
I expect to get back  20, 40, 60, 80 ...
The board would remember what the static seed value is.

My use case is more complicated than this; I want to calculate a value based on a numerical key that is stored in the firmware.  The MetaWear broadcasts a BLE advertisement packet of some type such as "Terry's MetaWear #1234", and my app would connect, ask for the calculated value, then disconnect.

Is this possible with the current firmware or would the firmware authors have to add a custom bit of API just for this purpose?  Can I update the firmware myself?

Thanks for any help,


  • Using the NvM to store custom data is not supported in the current firmware build (v 1.0.3); the NvM only stores MetaWear commands and logged sensor data.  The closest thing to what you want would be to modify the scan response in the ad packet.
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